Here’s the plan for this week.

Assuming that there are no new COVID surprises this week, here is the plan:

  1. We will have a remote lecture on Monday (I’ll be isolating at home)

  2. We will have a remote lecture on Tuesday. My seven-day isolation will be over, so I may actually give the lecture from my office, but I’ll avoid being around groups of students until Thursday.

  3. We will have the midterm in person on Thursday, exactly one week after it was originally scheduled. Masks will be encouraged (but not required). However, as per public health guidance, anyone within the ten-day risk reduction period (like me) should mask. I will also look into finding a larger room for us to write the midterm in.

  4. We will finish lab 2 (sudo and passwords) immediately after the midterm, again, in person. This is necessary because of the custom netboot setup that we’re using (which should work correctly this time now that we’ve updated the graphics drivers!). Again, masks are encouraged but not required unless you are within your 10-day risk reduction period.