Some clarification about the case study / project deadline.

It seems that I have some inconsistencies on the course website about the deadline for the final project report. I had originally planned to ask for your reports on July 25th, nice and early before the end of the term, but then we encountered several delays in the course, not the least of which is providing you with feedback on your report outlines. Separately from that issue, I apparently had an old date in the course schedule from last year: the last day of classes.

So…​ here are some principles:

  1. I’d like to give everyone the benefit of the ambiguity by saying that I’ll take the later of the two deadlines.

  2. I do not want to receive 30 reports on the last day of classes, which I will then have to binge-mark before the final exam (because after that point my life turns into exam-marking, followed by Term 3 matching as chair of the Admissions committee).

To try and balance these two principles, I will have three possible submission dates.

July 25th

Students who submit on this date (by 9am) will receive a 10% bonus.

July 31st

Students who submit on this date (by 9am) will receive a 5% bonus.

August 5th

Students who submit on this date (at 6pm) will not receive an early bonus.

I hope that this approach is fair to all while preventing me from drowning in last-minute report submissions.