A shameless plug: I’m hiring a co-op student to work on security-related things!

I’m looking for a co-op student to help with a security-related project. If you’re taking this course, perhaps this might be of interest to you! The following job ad will soon appear online; please apply through the usual co-op job board.

The ADAPT research project, in conjunction with the Killick-1 CubeSat project, is seeking a co-operative education student to help apply robust cryptographic filesystems to the retention of satellite commands, telemetry and mission data. The successful applicant will work with a research prototype cryptographic filesystem developed in the Faculty of Engineering and integrate it into a Web environment to store, retrieve and display critical space mission data from the Killick-1 CubeSat.

The successful applicant must:

  • have programming experience

  • be able to learn independently

  • be able to work well in a diverse team of academic and industrial partners

In addition, the following would be assets:

  • experience with computer security and/or cryptography

  • experience with the Rust programming language

  • experience with low-level programming languages

  • experience with Unix-like systems

  • interest in research

  • interest in space systems

Please submit a cover letter, CV and transcript for consideration. The cover letter should clearly state why you are interested in this position and how you would be a good fit for the requirements and assets listed above.