I’d really appreciate your feedback on this offering of the course.

This has been a big year for me teaching this course: we were back in person, but only some of the time, but we also had a huge change with the introduction of labs. I’ve genuinely enjoyed getting to teach this course to you, but I would very much like to know about your experience! Since there are no CEQs at present, I’ve created a Google Form for you to use:

This form will require you to log in with a Memorial account, but your identity will not be tied to your response: I won’t know who said what. So, don’t worry that I’ll hold anything against you (not that I would anyway!). Please be honest in your feedback: the more real and specific it is, the more helpful it will be as I seek to improve the course every year. That said, when it comes to the areas for improvement, please also be constructive and remember that a human being with feelings will read it!