Final notes about the final exam and course feedback.

As per the undergraduate course schedule, as well as your online self-service page, our exam is scheduled for Wednesday, August 10th at 1pm. The exam will be held in room EN 1054.

Also, I’ve had a request from one of your classmates to be able to read other students' case studies so that they can learn about more security-relevant topics. This sounds like a great idea, but it’s 100% up to you whether you’d like to participate. So, if you are happy for me to share your case study with your classmates via a closed-to-only-this-course Brightspace folder, please let me know!

Finally, if you haven’t had an opportunity to submit course feedback yet, please don’t forget to do so! I really do read it all and use it to improve the course from year to year. So, please don’t be shy to share your opinions on what can be improved! That said, please also be constructive in your criticisms…​ despite what you may have heard, professors are human beings with feelings. 😅