In this course, undergraduate students will need to complete a qualitative case study investigating an attack, vulnerability or defensive technique. Graduate students will complete a project that will incorporate the same background research as undergraduate case students but which will also incorporate a performative element.

Undergraduate case study

Your case study should be a qualitative description of an attack, vulnerability or defensive technique. This should include sufficient background and context so that an undergraduate student taking this course will be able to understand your topic if they are not already familiar with it. That is, you do not need to assume that your audience requires background on basic computer security concepts such as security policies vs mechanisms, digital signatures, access control mechanisms, etc.

Graduate project

In addition to the expectations for undergraduate students’ case studies, graduate students must also demonstrate, explore or evaluate the subject of their report. For example, if you are writing about a defensive technique, you might evaluate its performance cost for different workloads. If you are describing an attack, you might demonstrate a synthetic version of the attack and show how it could have been stopped.

Mon 23 May @ 09:00 Proposal

The first deliverable is a proposal.

Mon 6 Jun @ 09:00 Outline

The second deliverable is a detailed outline that includes a conclusion.

Fri 5 Aug @ 18:00 Final submission

The final submission of your case study / project report will be due at the end of the semester.


A few topic suggestions to consider.