11 Aug 2022 B-Sides St. John's

An opportunity for students in our course to attend B-Sides St. John’s!

8 Aug 2022 Final notes (edited)

Final notes about the final exam and course feedback.

4 Aug 2022 Course feedback

I’d really appreciate your feedback on this offering of the course.

4 Aug 2022 Final lecture

It might be Regatta Day, but our final lecture is going ahead today.

3 Aug 2022 Co-op opportunity

A shameless plug: I’m hiring a co-op student to work on security-related things!

28 Jul 2022 No lecture today

As I mentioned on Tuesday, there will be no lecture today.

14 Jul 2022 Assignments 3–5

I’ve posted assignment 3, assignment 4 and assignment 5.

12 Jul 2022 Project report deadline

Some clarification about the case study / project deadline.

30 Jun 2022 Midterm room

The midterm has been moved to CSF-2112.

26 Jun 2022 The plan

Here’s the plan for this week.

23 Jun 2022 Cancellations

There will be no ECE 7420 / ENGI 9807 activities today.

22 Jun 2022 Assignment 2

Due to all of the COVID going around, I’m extending assignment 2.

22 Jun 2022 Midterm postponed

Since much of the class seems to have COVID, we will postpone the midterm.

21 Jun 2022 COVID and the midterm

Please get yourself tested for COVID if you can.

17 Jun 2022 Lab dropboxes

The dropbox for lab 1 is finally open!

15 Jun 2022 Lab 2

Lab 2 is a go! Please bring a USB stick.

14 Jun 2022 Assignment 2

Assignment 2 has been posted!

9 Jun 2022 In person today

All systems are go for in-person lecture and lab today!

7 Jun 2022 Deliverable updates

I’ve fixed a typo on assignment 1 and I’m happy to give extra time for the project outline.

7 Jun 2022 Remote lecture today

Today we’ll have another (but hopefully the last) remote lecture.

6 Jun 2022 Updates

Unfortunately I’ve had to make some more changes, as I’m not back to 100% yet.

2 Jun 2022 Today is cancelled

Owing to my continuing illness, we will not have a lecture or lab today.

31 May 2022 Remote lecture today

Today’s lecture will be done remotely.

28 May 2022 Assignment 1

Assignment 1 has now been released!

24 May 2022 Extra office hour today

Today’s lecture slot will be used for an extra office hour.

23 May 2022 Remaining topic ideas

I’ve updated the case study / project topics page to show topics that other students have already selected.

20 May 2022 Lab 0 extension

By popular request, I’m going to give us all another week to finish lab 0.

11 May 2022 New room

We have secured a larger room for our lectures to give us more personal space.

10 May 2022 First lecture today!

Our first lecture will happen today!

9 May 2022 First lecture

Our first lecture will not happen today.

9 May 2022 Course outlines

I have posted the course outlines for both ECE 7420 and ENGI 9807 to the outlines page.

26 Apr 2022 Website

This is where I’ll post updates on the course.