The second deliverable is a detailed outline that includes a conclusion.

One helpful technical in technical writing is to write the conclusion first. This allows you to establish what conclusions you would like to be able to draw based on evidence and then review whether or not you have enough evidence to support the desired conclusion. If not, you can go investigate further!

For this deliverable, please submit a skeleton for your report (including the essential elements such as a title page, table of contents, references section, etc.). Most of this skeleton can be empty, but it must contain:

  • a conclusion and

  • a detailed table of contents.

Your table of contents should include the same kinds of sections or chapters that your final report will have. This ought to include things like Background and (for 9807) Methodology.

You may submit more than this, in which case I will have an opportunity to provide you with early feedback about the level of detail, etc., but your report must contain these two things. You will still be free to change anything in the report before submitting the final report, but I want to see what you are currently thinking that your report will say.

For both undergraduate and graduate students, please submit your work as a PDF to Gradescope.