There are two versions of this course, each of which has its own expectations and evaluation scheme.

ECE 7420

ECE 7420 is an undergraduate course for senior undergraduate students in Engineering and in Computer Science. The structure looks a lot like other undergraduate courses: assignments, quizzes (no midterm this year) and a final exam. However, like other qualitative courses (e.g., ECE 6500), there will also be a writing project in the form of a case study. You’ll receive more details about that in the coming weeks.

ENGI 9807

ENGI 9807 is a graduate-level course for students in Engineering, Computer Science and/or interested, well-prepared students in other disciplines. The lecture material for ENGI 9807 is the same as for ECE 7420, but there are three key differences:

  1. you will be expected to complete additional assignment work,

  2. you will be required to complete a project that will be more in-depth and require more independent work than the undergraduates' case study, and

  3. you must obtain a higher mark overall to pass the course.