After some fiddling with firewalls yesterday, lab 6 is ready to go!

As previously announced, the procedure for the optional lab 6 (web application fuzzing) has been posted. Now, however, you can actually do it (see Figure 1)! The problem last week had to do with:

  1. a network change, with now acting as a middlebox between the "hacking lab" and the outside world,

  2. firewall changes on the internal network of that box (specifically, accidentally starting to block the mountd service that’s required for NFS), and

  3. me jetting off to a research event just as the problem started to manifest itself.

After some reconfiguration work yesterday, the "hacking lab" can now boot again. So, if you’d like to come and play with the procedure, or if you’d like to submit a lab report (to replace your lowest lab grade), please do so today!

IMG 2042
Figure 1. Ready to rock and roll