Updates on the midterm, lab and project deadlines.


Tomorrow’s midterm will be held in EN-1054 instead of our usual EN-1000. This will allow us to spread out a bit when writing the exam.

Lab 3

Lab 3, which we completed last week, should also be submitted tomorrow, but I am prepared to grant an extension until Monday at 6pm. Students who submit by the original deadline (2pm tomorrow) will receive a small bonus.

Lab 4

We will proceed with Lab 4 tomorrow afternoon. However, since we won’t be ready for Lab 5 next week, I will be able to give some extra time for Lab 4 if that’s helpful.

Since you’ve asked, you can choose whether you want to do to start Lab 4 tomorrow. It will be due in two weeks, so if you’d like to wait until next week to start it (due to a midterm that I hear people have on Friday), that would be fine with me. I’ll still plan to be around in case anyone would like to get started (or needs to finish up Lab 3).

Project outline

As we discussed in class, I have given until this Sunday (coming) to submit your project outline. Apparently I hadn’t updated this in Gradescope, though…​ sorry! This is now done.